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Hello my name is Doug Golinski. I help work from home entrepreneurs achieve their goals, stay organized and live life on their terms. My goal is to turn this blog into a master course in modern-day productivity.

If you have struggled to get results from traditional, outdated self-help and motivation methods, you’re in the right place.

I realized a long time ago that working from home can be very distracting and that everyone needs a daily kick in the butt to stay on track and keep motivated.

Let me tell you my story.

About 18 years ago, I purchased the company that I was working for. This company sold dictation and transcription equipment to business clients, law firms and medical practices. While dictation products were my main source of income, I also sold telephone headsets and some answering machines.

When I first bought the company, I worked out of an office and I had three employees. Soon after I bought the company, the answering machine business came to an end. Slowly through the years, less people were using the dictation products. I was also facing fierce competition online for the telephone headsets.

In about 2008 or 2009, I realized that I would have to get into something else, so I started to look for ways to make money online. It did not take long to realize how hard it was to stay focused on one thing. I was jumping around from one thing to another and not really making any progress.

Soon the dictation business got so slow that I had to do it all by myself and work from home. This is when I realized how hard it was to work from home and stay focused on the most important task for the day.

I had been studying self-help and motivation most of my adult life. Once I started working from home, I realized that the majority of the things I learned about self-help and motivation just did not work for me anymore. Traditional time management and goalsetting tactics don’t help you much when you are working from home.

Setting goals for 20 different things just overwhelms and confuses you. As does writing a long to do list. Also, having a two-hour morning routine that has you doing 10 different things that have nothing to do with focusing on your major task for the day is also a waste of time. (A two-hour morning routine is really just a procrastination technique. It helps you to put off working on the most important task for the day.)

I realized that time management and motivation for work from home entrepreneurs needed to be simplified and reduced to the most important tasks. Everything else, was just causing overwhelm and frustration.

My techniques were starting to work for me, but the mistake that I made was to use these techniques on my dying dictation business. No matter how focused I was, it was hard to keep something going that no one wanted anymore.

All this time I kept studying Internet marketing but never really did much with it. I made about $500 as an affiliate, but never created my own products.

In 2015, I had to file for bankruptcy personally and for the business. This was a very tough time for me and for the first time in years I decided that I needed to go work for someone else to make ends meet.

I did this for about 2 ½ years and hated it the whole time. But during this time I read and listened to hundreds of self-help, productivity and goalsetting books.

I knew that I had some valuable information to share with work from home entrepreneurs. I knew that I could change lives. I could see from the Facebook groups and forums how frustrated people were. They were spinning their wheels for years and not seeing any real progress. I knew how they felt, I did the same thing myself.

Check out this video below to learn how I finally broke out of my procrastination prison:

I know that I have a unique perspective on time management and motivation. Traditional self-help techniques are not working for most people. One of the problems is that it is taught by academics in a very boring way. Their studies may be insightful, but they are taught in such a way that it literally puts most people into hibernation mode.

My job is to share my perspective on these studies and share them with you in a unique and entertaining way. A way that you can understand and relate to so it can truly make a difference in your life.

I like to teach by telling fun entertaining stories. Twisting things around and giving techniques weird names. I also believe that YouTube videos, blog posts and podcasts should be kept short.

You are busy and you don’t have time to watch a 30 minute video or read a 3000 word blog post. My videos and blog posts will be short, fun and entertaining.

Each one will only talk about one technique. This is what you need to stay motivated, short focused lessons that entertain and educate.

I also like to create funny motivational memes that sometimes pokes fun of the old and outdated self-help industry.

If you haven’t done so yet, go ahead and join the kick in the butt club. You will learn Instant Motivation Techniques that will help you breakout of your “Procrastination Prison”.

I will help you sky rocket your productivity by turning confusing self-help concepts and studies into easily digestible info vitamins.

You will get the daily kick in the butt that you need to take action on your goals and dreams.

Have a great day and go kick some butt!

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