Are You being Handcuffed By Your Deadlines?

Your deadlines may be holding you back in a way that you never thought of before. Could it be the word itself that is the problem here?

Deadline is such an ominous word. It conjures images of the Grim Reaper coming to drag you away if you don’t complete your goal on time.

The term deadline is believed to have originated during the American Civil War. Federal prisoners were held in a stockade, and a railing was built around the inside of the stockade. This railing was considered the deadline. If prisoners in the stockade crossed the deadline, they would be shot on the spot.

So deadline really is a dark and grim word associated with death. How is it then that this ill-fated term became associated with time limits?

That was started by the newspaper industry. The cutoff time a journalist had to submit their story was termed a deadline.

Then shortly thereafter, the corporate world latched onto this term like a bloodsucking leech. The word was perfect for them. It implies that your job will be dead in the water if the project is not completed on time.

It IS such an intimidating word. Deadline is no different than saying:

  • Turn to dust date
  • Bite the dust date
  • Time to cash in your chips
  • Dropping like flies day
  • Handing in your dinner pail time
  • Kiss your butt goodbye
  • Sleeping with the fishes see
  • Swim with concrete shoes day

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Choosing the term deadline as a time marker for your completion of a goal or project is a huge mistake.

Instead of creating a deadline for a project, you could call it an “Activation Date”. At this date the project is now complete and can be put into action.

Mobilization day would be another great term to use for completion of a project.

We don’t want deadlines for goals either. How about we call it a realization day, achievement date or fulfillment term.

These phrases are much less apocalyptic and are far more inspiring than the word deadline. The threat of death and impending doom casts a dark cloud over your project and creates unnecessary anxiety.

As a work from home entrepreneur, you have broke free from a majority of the corporate culture. Why use their intimidating and controlling words in your business?

You are now free to come up with your own name for time limit markers. Call them whatever you want. Something that will inspire you along the path to their completion.

Feel free to use some of my ideas or come up with a few of your own.

Pick the lock on your deadline handcuffs and go kick some butt!

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