Are You Eating Info Veggies or Info Crap?

Does your information consumption consist of mind expanding information veggies, or are you consuming time wasting info crap?

With the Internet, there is always food when you sit down at the information dinner table. There is so much info, that our cupboards, fridge and freezers are bulging at the hinges.

What’s a guy or gal to do? Trying to chew on this much Intel could lead to lockjaw. The trick is to weed out the info veggies from the info crap.

Info veggies are wisdom and advice that you can use to improve your life. This blog is a perfect example of motivational veggie goodness!

Anything that helps you grow your business or improve your personal life could be considered an info veggie. Be sure to only consume information in the order that you are ready to eat it though.

Just like you wouldn’t eat desert before you finished the main course, don’t start scarfing down reports about how to accomplish step nine in achieving  your goal before you finished step one.

You can more learn about being fed the wrong information  on this blog post.

Info crap is usually the information that you are consuming when you should be eating your info veggies. This smelly fiend is just a procrastination crutch. You usually feed on this drivel to avoid doing your most important task of the day.

The hot news scoop of the day is usually just a bunch of meadow muffins. Stepping in the huge piles of dung created by the tabloid news sites is an enormous time waster. Besides killing time you can’t get back, you walk away smelling worse than Limburger cheese. And to top it off, you are now in need of a new pair of shoes.

Quit hosing the info crap off of your shoes. Surround yourself with info that is so good you could stroll around in your bare feet.

Make your mom proud and eat your info veggies!

Now go kick some butt!

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