Discover Why it is Critical to Observe Before You Speak

Are you observing the situation from every angle before you speak or take action?

Some tasks, challenges and goals require inspection from a different point of view. Especially when you have hit a roadblock or are experiencing a brain freeze.

The best way to thaw your mind is to look at things differently. Sometimes I will even ask myself, what would happen if I did the exact opposite of what I am doing now?

This 180 perspective can be truly eye-opening. Occasionally, this way of thinking will immediately produce the answer to my problem or challenge. Other times it helps me to discover the things that I should not be doing. And what you should not be doing is even more important than what you should be doing.

Wasting time on unnecessary tasks could be the the blockage that is clogging your goal achieving funnel! Examining things from a different angle will clean out the sludge.

Are you looking at the scene through the eyes of others to get their perspective?

Some of your business goals and tasks may require negotiating with others. One of the best ways to come to an agreement with them is to observe the situation from their point of view.

What motivates them? What is there end goal? How can both of you achieve what you are looking for?

This will help you present a more empathetic and hopefully fruitful completion to your negotiation.

Observe, listen and speak.

This is a truly enlightening mindset that will put your goals and tasks on the fast track to completion.

Be observant and go kick some butt!!


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