Hope Will Not Change Your Life, Action Will

Are you hoping your life will change or are you actually doing something about it? Read on to discover how hope is stopping you from becoming successful.

To some degree we all do some hoping. That in itself is not a bad thing. The problem arises when you start believing that hope alone is going to make you successful.

This hoping for success dilemma had swarmed around me for years. It was like one of those pesky flies that somehow sneaks in your house and buzzes around your head for hours on end.

And what’s up with flies divebombing your head all the time anyways? They have your entire house at their disposal. Heck they might even be able to land on some parcel food in the kitchen. Yet for some unknown reason they have to go into your office and circle your head like a Great White circling a diver on shark week.

I digress. You see, flies were not my only problem. I was wasting precious time hoping that things would get better.

I was using hope as a procrastination cane. Hope and it’s many minions were trying to prop me up and keep me motivated. Making me believe that positive thoughts alone would make me successful.

They kept whispering in my ear “there is an easy button, you can be successful without taking action.”

Be leery of hope and its boot licking groupies:

  • Affirmations– An affirmation without action is worthless.
  • Wishing– A wish is just a daydream without a plan.
  • Goals without a plan– Yep, a goal without a plan is nothing more than a wish or an affirmation.

My life changed when I realized that it was time to quit hoping and to start doing!

“Hopers think that there is an easy button to success. Doers just get things done”

Motivational Video Meme Knock Knock Joke


There is no easy button, switch or lever. Success takes action! Turn all of your hopes, dreams and goals into action plans. Then immediately start implementing the plan.

Don’t over plan or turn planning into another excuse for procrastination. Make a plan for the first couple of steps to reaching your goal and then get started on step one immediately.

Once I got my action ball rolling everything started to fall into place. The same will happen for you once you become a doer instead of a hoper.

Be a person who just gets things done, not a person who only talks about it.

Now is the time to go kick some butt!

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