How To Add Grit To Your Business

Do you need to add some grit to your game?

I was watching the Colorado Avalanche hockey game the other day and when it was done they were interviewing the head coach Jared Bednar. The Avalanche were on a losing streak, but this was a game that they had won.

The announcer asked Bednar what the team did differently to help them win this game. I loved his answer. He said: “We added some sandpaper to our game.” The team got back to fundamentals and played a tough hard-nosed game.

You are going to run into challenges, roadblocks and tough situations. The question is, how are you going to react to the setbacks?

Whenever I start to struggle with a task, I will bring out the coarse sandpaper to get real gritty. I like to use personal challenges to increase my intestinal fortitude. I usually give myself a time-based challenge and at times I’ll get bold by adding an accountability factor as well.

For some reason, I had been on Instagram for a few months, but had not done an Instagram story yet. It wasn’t hard to do, but I could just not get myself to invest the time to figure it out. So I decided it was time to add some accountability.

My friend Vanessa @vaughan655 had mentioned to me that she wanted to start shooting some videos, but she just could not push herself to get started. I contacted her and proposed a challenge. I said that in the next week I had to complete my first story and she had to shoot her first video.

She accepted the challenge. This held us both accountable. Then I created a post on Instagram telling all of my followers about the challenge. This created another layer of accountability. Now I was accountable to Vanessa and my followers.

This worked so well that both of us had completed the challenge in two days. There was no way that I was going to procrastinate after publicly announcing the challenge.

What can you do when the going gets tough to add some grit to your game?

Let me know below and go kick some butt!!

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