How To Win The Battle In Your Brain

There is a brain battle being waged right now between your fears and your goals. Don’t let fear get the upper hand.

Fear is a dirty fighter and does not play by the rules!

Fear will bring many of its evil henchmen to the battle. Its allies include procrastination, overwhelm and indecision.

You must prepare your goals to do battle with these wretched monsters!

Make sure your goals are armed with a purpose. A written down reason why you must succeed! Purpose will keep the fire burning within and melt away overwhelm!

Give your goals a battle plan. Without a roadmap to completion, fear will surely infiltrate your mind with negative thoughts.

A goal needs an action plan with a prioritized list of micro tasks. This game plan will clear your mind of the fog caused by indecision.

Most important of all, BELIEVE that you will achieve your goal. Believe in yourself and fear will be forced to surrender!

The unquestionable belief that you will succeed will send procrastination crawling back underground!

A purpose, a plan and believing in yourself will help you defeat fear and win the melee in your mind!

Win the battle for your brain and go kick some butt!!


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