Is Pride Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals?

Ask yourself this mindset changing question: ” Is pride stopping me from achieving my goals?”

The answer for me was yes. I did not come to this realization until recently. I was taught to take pride in my work and to be proud of my accomplishments.

This all seems good on the surface, but when you pull back the curtain you will find procrastination manipulating the strings behind the scenes once again.

The dirty “P” word is always lurking somewhere in the shadows waiting for the right time to slap you back into your comfort zone.

I was taking so much pride in my work, that I was letting it slow me down to a crawl. I was trying to make my blog posts and videos as close to perfect as I could. And since perfection is a myth, it was a futile endeavor.

Pride had me moving so slowly that I had tortoises in the right lane honking their horns and flipping me the bird in slow motion.

Then it hit me. I wasn’t being slowed down by taking pride in my work. My problem was that I wanted others to be proud of me.

I was looking for external praise. I wanted my mentors, family and colleagues to tell me what a good job I was doing.

While this made me feel good on the inside, in reality it wasn’t bringing me any closer to achieving my goal. My goal of helping others live life on their terms could not be accomplished if I continued to seek external praise.

I decided to create excellent life-changing content, but I would no longer use pride as my guide. My only guide now, is the following question:

“Will this information help improve the lives of my customers, clients and blog readers.”

I use this question to help guide me through the day. It keeps me focused on what really matters and pushes me to create great life expanding Intel at a much quicker pace.

Be honest with yourself, is pride constructing a roadblock in front of your goals?

Let go of pride, focus on what really matters and go kick some butt!

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