Learn How To Save Your Energy

Do you want to save energy like an albatross? Some scientists believe that an albatross can fly around the world without landing. It has even been known to glide for hundreds of miles without flapping its wings.

How does this amazing feathered fowl pull this off? It has mastered the art of dynamic soaring.

In a nutshell, dynamic soaring is a technique where the albatross maneuvers in and out of different layers of wind to help propel it without flapping its wings.

Right about now you may be asking what the heck does this have to do with me? Great question. Let’s glide into the answer.

It’s all about creating positive habits, routines or rituals for yourself. In other words, create your own dynamic soaring.

While an albatross is gliding, it exerts little energy. All it does is angle its wings slightly in order to ride different wind layers.

Positive routines can do the same for you. With a routine in place, you are mostly working on autopilot. This saves you time and energy.

As an example, my morning and evening routines set up my day for success. I do mostly the same things every evening right before I go to bed and every morning after I awaken.

I plan out my day the night before, and determine my three most important tasks for the day. This allows me to glide through the day because I already know what needs to be done.

This technique helps me to avoid indecision and overwhelm. A confused mind drains energy.

What routines can you put into place to help you sail through the day?

Practice your dynamic soaring and go kick some butt!!

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