Myth: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

This myth may be responsible for more lost goals, dreams and failed businesses than the rest of the myths combined. In fact, it is more of a fairytale than dragons, unicorns or trolls.

Far too often, when those who waited are visited by father time, they still have not received the good things that they were waiting for.

Myth: “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”

If you are an online or work from home entrepreneur, waiting for things to happen is the worst thing that you could do.

Money flows to the action taker’s. It does not come to people who are sitting on their ass waiting for something to happen.

Today’s business environment moves at the speed of light. If you are waiting for things to be just right, the world will pass you by.

Your competitors will speed by you and leave you in the dust just like the Roadrunner does to Wiley E. Coyote.

Don’t wait for good things to come, or you will just become another failed business statistic. Instead of waiting, you need to pull yourself in the direction of what you want to accomplish.



Let’s change this outdated quote to a 21st century business power quote.

“Great things come to those who go and get it”

We could also say:

“Great things come to those who Don’t wait”

What are you waiting for? Affirmations and hope are not going to bring it to you. You have to go after it with everything that you’ve got.

Chase it down like a cheetah sprinting after an antelope on the Serengeti plain.

Your time on this world is short. Can you really afford to be wasting your time waiting for good things to happen?

No you can’t!

Go out there and get what you want. And don’t wait till tomorrow, start pulling yourself towards your goal today.

Now is the time to go kick some butt!

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