Stop Killing Time It Slaughters Your Dreams!

Are you slaughtering your goals and dreams by killing valuable time? The phrase “we got time to kill” is a joke! Time is too valuable to kill it.

Time is more valuable than money yet we go around “killing time”. I don’t hear people squawking about “killing money”.

I’ve never heard anyone say: “Hey I’ve got too much money I think I’m going to snuff some of it out.”

“Holy cow it’s the end of the month and I still have some money left over I better put it out of its misery.”

That’s just silly talk, yet people talk that way on a daily basis when it comes to time.

In reality, time can’t be killed it moves at the same pace no matter what you do. It can’t be saved, spent or borrowed either. It can only be used wisely.

Start using your time wisely. Quit killing it, passing it and frittering it away. You only live once, why would you ever think about wasting time? Leverage your time wisely. Value it more than money.

You leverage your money by investing it and putting it to work for you. Do the same thing with your time. Leverage time and invest it in tasks that will bring you closer to reaching your goals and dreams.

Don’t let another hour, minute or second go to waste. Now go out there and kick some butt!

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