To Reach Your Goals You Must Be as Motivated as a Vampire at Dawn

How motivated are you to achieve your goal? Do you want it more than anything else?

You need to be as motivated as a vampire looking for shelter at dawn. A vampire’s motivation for shelter is a life or death situation. If she makes it to the casket by dawn, all is good. If she is just one second late, she will be vaporized.

Your goal is definitely not to make it to a casket and you probably won’t be vaporized if you don’t reach your goal. But your goal needs to be as important to you as a vampire’s goal for shelter at dawn.

This vampire will stop at nothing to reach her goal. Her life depends on it. How vigorously would you pursue your goal if not achieving it meant vaporization? I bet you would give it all you got.

If you ran down your goal with this sort of motivation, you would be unstoppable! I can guarantee you that if you had a goal of this importance you would NOT be doing the following things:

  • Making sure that everything is perfect before you start.
  • Asking the opinion of 20 different people.
  • Reading 11 blog posts and watching 25 videos to be sure that no stone is left unturned.
  • Getting to it tomorrow because you believe starting fresh is the way to go.

I will invoke my inner Carnac the Great and predict that you would be doing the following things instead:

  • Writing a quick one page roadmap to achieving this goal.
  • Determining which task needs to be done first and starting on it immediately.
  • Focusing on completing this task only and not jump around to other things.
  • Letting nothing get in the way of accomplishing your most important task.
  • You would not quit until the task was accomplished or you were vaporized.

That is the mentality you need to accomplish your vampire at dawn goal.

Now go find some shelter and kick some butt!





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